Nowadays, for a number of companies, whether small or large, cloud computing plays a major role in their business strategies, as it entails plentiful of advantages and support. With the passage of time, the significance of cloud computing, too, has progressed. In snippets below, we've tried to throw some light on a few enormities of cloud computing:

- Low Cost:It's something that everyone is on the lookout for. Each business seeks maximum gains through minimum investments. And if calculated thoroughly, solutions provided by cloud computing can save a huge portion of business expenditure. There is no initial investment required, if you have chosen to surf the cloud.

-Limitless Services :On a fixed, flat charge, businesses get unlimited cloud services; unlimited storage, backup, connectivity for unlimited users or number of heads. No matter how many users are using the service, the cost remains the same.

-On-the-go access: The best part of cloud computing! Users can connect to their documents, files, and database from anywhere, without any involvedness. Cloud computing is called so because of this very reason. Your data is saved on cloud, and 'cloud can be seen everywhere on the planet'. With cloud storage solutions, you get universal access to your documents, remotely.

-Effortlessly Scalable:  Scalability to cater to the growing business requirements is proudly incorporated in Cloud Computing. Allowing clients to instantaneously provision resources, and scale up and down as per the business demand.

-Pay-as you-go Therapy: This therapy is awesome to heel all your concerns in terms of resource usage. An end-user needs to pay for what he has utilized, which slashes down the extra budget. This flexibility is exceptionally feasible with cloud computing. For businesspersons and executives, it is a great relief ,as they do not have to carry hardcopies of their files and folders; they have access to their documents, whenever they want, at nominal charges of cloud storage.