Building and managing on-premise applications is a strenuous task, which involves heavy capital flow. Moreover, it demands hardware, database, webservers, etc. for each of the application to run. The moment the stack gets arranged, developers need to look up for intricate programming models in order to ensure smooth functioning. Also, the team of technically sound network administrator, database experts and system management professionals is required to diagnose the flaws, fix them so that the applications remain up and running.

The major drawback experienced with the traditional model is that if any change is required in the application, you need start it from the scratch. The whole cycle (development, testing and redeployment) needs to be re-initiated, which consumes more time and effort. Also, the complete application infrastructure needs to be managed, and the data needs to be replicated across various data center facilities to avert disastrous circumstances.

The Newly Evolved PaaS Model

Platform as a service cloud hosting deployment model is designed to fasten up development, running and management of applications. It enables developers to quickly provision, develop, create, test and stage cloud applications. The entire infrastructure to run requisite applications is provided over the Internet. Developers need not manage storage, network, servers, operating systems and hosting as the PaaS services provider manages the same, enabling developers to focus on their core competencies.

Moreover, you don't have to worry about building everything from the scratch with this advanced cloud deployment model. With just Internet connectivity, developers can build cutting-edge applications. Applications deployed can be easily scaled without making any changes in the source code. The PaaS works on pay-per-use model, which ask you to pay only for what you have utilized.