Evolution of cloud technology has driven the "world of corporate" to a breakthrough locale. The time to accomplish desired task at a click of button, including adding on-demand resources (CPU, RAM, bandwidth, etc.) & downloading favorite apps is all possible with the Cloud debut. If reports are to be believed, cloud has leveraged the owners of online gaming industry to a greater extent. Physical media like DVDs, CDs & installed software applications are moving to Flash & HTML5 based virtual environments with Online Gaming. The evolving technology is consistently improvising user 'gaming' experiences. To reap cloud benefits, most of the gamers have gear up their handles to the same route.

Online gaming industry is expected to touch the same digits as reported by the research firm, Gartner, which predicts - Platform as a Service (PaaS), cloud management & security devices, & Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) will hit by 2016: $35.5 billion. Similar to gamers, traditional web hosting service providers have started offering cloud hosting as one of the hosting offerings.

Every game has its specific infrastructure and network requirement, depending on the end-user & device capabilities. And, if you are hosting multiplayer games, robust infrastructure is of paramount importance to make the user experience enduring. Thus, it is imperative to host your games on a scalable cloud environment to handle the fluctuating user demands.

Cloud hosting service provider that can foster your network, application and gaming code requirement - is a good to go option. A hosting provider with less offerings and incompetent network infrastructure can ruin your users 'game play' experience. Therefore, be careful while choosing a cloud hosting provider.