Cloud adoption rates have been increased significantly in recent times because of certain attributes associated with this platform that include ubiquitous super-fast Internet connectivity and an unbeatable reduction in the storage costs. These attributes together allow service providers to meet and exceed users needs with regard to simplicity, cost and flexibility. For consumers, the high-end specifications and features of cloud computing have widened the scope of developing attractive schemes: pay-as-you-use and inherently greater flexibility in IT. In fact, it enables companies more power to assess their policies and security and control them under their own refined management.

Increase in the Adoption of Private Cloud Computing          

Gartner, a leading information technology research and advisory firm, foresees that organizations as well as individuals are likely to migrate to private cloud computing from their traditional server infrastructures in order to leverage their IT environment. The reason this computing model improves scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities, which are instrumental in streamlining business and IT operation needs. According to another study, private cloud computing has been contributed immensely for market growth since the inception of this platform as it can leverage a business to bring more flexibility and scalability into its existing processes. In other words, the private cloud computing is a rapidly emerging computing solution and it has the ability to eliminate business silos while minimizing costs through economics of scale and greater agility.   

A Quick Glance at the Benefits of Private Cloud Computing

  • Security: The data stored in the private cloud is armored with a dedicated firewall, which can only be accessed by a single entity or a group of professionals working under the entity.
  • Scalability: This computing model is purpose-built to increase the storage capacity of your data center in compliance with your business and IT needs.
  • Mobility: Access your data anytime, anywhere if you have stored in the private cloud.
  • Easy Migration: Migration to the private cloud is hassle free and less time consuming with businesses can benefit from reliability, scalability and security.   

All said and done, the widespread adoption of private cloud computing is a testament of an emerging technology that has come here to stay.