VPS hosting is one of the web hosting solutions that have gained enough popularity just because of interesting features. Virtual private servers are the extended version of shared hosting platform, which shares most of the features of dedicated server hosting. A VPS server is segregated into different layers with the help of some virtualization technology. In VPS, a physical server is partitioned in a way that all the segregated layers act as a dedicated server. Different companies use different virtualization technology, such as Hyper V, Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM), OpenVZ, vSphere, and so on. In the same fashion as dedicated servers are divided into two ways, such as Linux Dedicated server and Windows Dedicated server, VPS hosting also follows the same path.

Facts reveal, VPS web hosting services are being accorded by large number of companies as it offers features that is similar to dedicated hosting but at lower costs. A few of the major reasons behind higher VPS adoption are:

-Dedicated servers are too expensive for website hosting

-VPS hosting offers similar features as dedicated hosting and is cost-effective

-Why to pay for dedicated hosting when you have fixed visitor traffic

-Don't want all the resources for one website

All of these mentioned reasons support the rise of VPS hosting in the world of web hosting. In VPS hosting, the service provider is responsible for maintaining the virtual private server, providing client with complete ownership of the server.

-Complete ownership: VPS hosting provides complete authority to the client to add/delete or customize the tools as per the business requirements. The root access provided to the clients allows them to boot/reboot or shutdown the server independently.

-Separate Platform: Even though, VPS server works on virtualization technology wherein one single server is separated into different layers, it offers a completely secured and dedicated environment to each of the hosted client on that server. Thus, you don't get affected with your neighbors work.

-Full Maintenance: In VPS hosting, the service provider takes care of the server environment and installs firewall and other antidotes to protect your server against vulnerabilities. Additionally, the VPS hosting provider offers premium bandwidth, security, and other crucial resources that are important for business sustainability.

-Technical Support: The providers who offer VPS hosting services also offer unlimited technical support for your business operations. So, you can call the experts at any point of time to get quick resolution for your queries.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the features VPS hosting offers will surely dominate the world of dedicated hosting, making VPS the king of web hosting industry.