The arrival and availability of cloud has revolutionized business environment across the globe. International Data Corporation highlights that enterprises, especially small and medium have greatly benefitted from this emerging technology as it reduces operational costs and IT infrastructure and maintenance, improves communication and brings scalability to the business. In addition, maintenance of cloud computing applications is easier, thus offering an opportunity for everyone, everywhere. The attributes of cloud don’t end here as it lessens upfront expenses with its service providers designing service plans that are available on-demand on a pay-per-use pricing model.

Significant Contribution in the Economic Growth by SMEs after the Adoption of Cloud     

Gartner’s research studies find that this avant garde technology has streamlined business operation in small and medium enterprises. Initially, it eliminates the hassles of hardware and software installation and maintenance, system upgrade, data storage and licensing, which otherwise has elevated capital expenditures for businesses. As a result, enterprises can get an opportunity to allocate resources more effectively in order to focus on their core business processes instead of remaining vigilant on IT infrastructure. Simply put, cloud services improve the functioning of IT infrastructure in compliance with changing business and client needs.

As noted, this technology allows for faster and quicker deployment of IT services, resulting in bringing agility and redundancy to businesses with ease. Apart from small and medium enterprises, large organizations are also tended to adopt cloud in order for obtaining benefit from economies of scale, efficient assets management, less energy usage, and server unitization and optimization. Initially, cloud adoption rate was higher in developed and industrialized countries. However, there is a transformation in cloud landscape with more and more businesses from developing countries also migrate to virtualization to reap its benefits. This clearly reflects that this emerging technology is a fad with rich potential to streamline IT infrastructure.