IT organizations, both big and small, across the globe embrace cloud as an ideal platform for driving transformation in overall functional areas. After being overhyped and underperforming for years, this avant-garde computing model strives to capture the attention of businesses, consumers, and investors alike. The fact of the matter is that the cloud computing is highly effective, affordable and sustainable, which can enable companies to initiate strategic transformation in the business. A leading and reliable research firm, Gartner, has revealed that organizations experiencing abrupt rise in traffic influxes are likely to migrate to cloud because of the operational flexibility they can get while doing businesses.

Worldwide Adoption of Cloud

Several research studies by prepared by Gartner, IDC and other research firms predict worldwide spending on cloud services will grow 17.7 percent by 2016. The growth is expecting to increase with each passing year and industrial segments like Software as a Service (SaaS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can mostly benefit from it. As noted, cloud adoption has been on the rise as it is associated with cost savings, speed, flexibility, and scalability, which are the primary traits that draw the attention of organizations ranging from midsize companies to large enterprises in order to introduce business operational mobility.

Trend to Watch

The ever-increasing need for streamlining IT operations has driven IT and data managers to move to the cloud, which has been creating more opportunities for entrepreneurs in IT segment. Any data migrated to the cloud ensures to remain protected, however, a single user or a group of users working under an enterprise that adopts cloud, can access the data from anytime, anywhere. This model already dominates small and mid-sized businesses and is anticipating to grab the attention of large enterprises by ensuring manifold benefits like low capital expenses, lower maintenance costs, dynamic scalability, better utilization of human, and computer resources.