The predictions made by many technology pundits about the growth of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) are appearing to be true. Surprisingly, this is happening at the fastest pace at businesses of all shape and sizes. Businesses seeking control and visibility over the desktop environment are embracing DaaS. In fact, with the immense popularity of BYOD, cloud hosted virtual desktop approach has become even more compelling.

With DaaS implementation, the hosted desktop turns out to be a separate application on the user’s personal device. This attribute of DaaS allows businesses to quickly adopt BYOD, ensuring stringent cloud data security, enhanced productivity, with least hassles.

Now let’s take a quick glance at the key characteristics of DaaS that is making it a popular and most adopted solution among businesses:

Easy and Cost-effective: DaaS makes easy for your IT professionals to provision corporate desktop for the employees who want to use personal devices. Based on cloud technology, it allows you to quickly add capacity in no time.

Enhanced Security: DaaS provides high security to business data; even if the user’s personal documents or files are at risk owing to device breach/theft/loss. The corporate desktop is protected against all intrusions, allowing your IT teams to implement security protocols to the VM.

Improved Performance: In DaaS, your IT team only manages desktop images and the service provider owes the full responsibility to manage the infrastructure including storage, servers and hypervisors.

Greater User Experience: Desktop-as-a-Service is an optimal solution for the businesses that want to adopt BYOD and have distributed workforce. Availing DaaS from a recommended service provider that has multiple point of presence helps in reducing latency issues, which ultimately improves user experience.

Moreover, decoupling the business desktop from personal device helps in ensuring business continuity allowing employees to their desktop from anywhere with any of the Internet ready devices.

Tap into the potential of DaaS to ensure your business stays up and running all the time.