Cloud Computing is leveraging businesses and users with its inherent superlative characteristics. The potential of the cloud to store, access, and share information across the horizons may change the face of many businesses, including your personal life

-Boost Innovation: Access to an on-demand computing power to collaborate, build, and develop products and services will open-up the room for innovation. Straight from the small set up businesses to a technology enthusiast, each one will have an access to perquisite resources for innovation, thereby, accelerating the numbers and boosting entrepreneurialism.

-Quick Language Interpretation: With the advent of cloud computing technology, it has become easier for the people to comprehend each other's language, and share thoughts on the same in a real time. Voice recognition and translation software offered by cloud technology helps in converting the language in real time, provided, both the caller and receiver have premium network connectivity.

-All on the Cloud: The power of cloud computing and scalability that it offers will foster most of the small and medium scaled businesses that have budget constraints to take a shift. The most intriguing aspect is that this entire process can be rendered not in days or months, but in hours. Thus, it will allow SMEs, and SMBs to leverage their businesses with the intuitive and unmatched characteristics of Cloud, and will keep them ahead of their competitors.

-Quick and Smart Decision Making: On demand resource allocation is one of the smart features that cloud computing is integrated with. You can access any information at any point of time from anywhere; this is the power of cloud. For example, if you are looking forward for a best dentist in the country or seeking information on any other topic that comes into your mind, your mobile can turn into the supercomputer to process the made queries. Also, live videos will help you to gain insight of the researched topic

-Mingling with Outer World: The availability of social networking sites, like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo will bring individuals from distinct worlds more closer than never before. Live sessions, video calling will become more prevalent than landline or mobile calls

-Shop Online: Surfing the Internet with increased processing power and bandwidth will allow you to shop easily, as you can hunt for various web stores online and choose the right pick for yourself. One can quickly compare the prices; check the inventory records for the availability of the desired product instead of visiting the store and coming back empty handed (due to product shortage)

These are a few of the ways in which a Cloud can change our personal and professional lives