As we are entering into a new age of Information and Communication Technology, SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) is creating several buzzwords. Touted in the technology industry as the next big thing, it is considered as a game changer.

One of the recent research works conducted by IDC revealed that the global expenditure on ICT is projected to reach approximately the US$5 trillion by the year 2020. Of this, nearly 80% of the spending is likely to be steered by the intersection of cloud computing and analytics with social media and mobility. Such a disruptive combination is frequently emerging as a future business model for many enterprises.

Let’s dig deeper to understand why SMAC is considered as the next big wave in the enterprise computing:

Many organizations are striving to tap on the potential of social media, mobility, analytics, and cloud to create better business synergies. The mounting power of this cutting edge technology is acting like a stack as its components hold a multiplying effect whilst they operate in combination.

However, enterprises need to develop a framework to have a complete understanding on how to use digital technology for enhancing their responsiveness and productivity, along with decoding customer insights, innovate, as well as creating new business models.

By effectively leveraging this code, companies of all shapes and sizes can benefit in following ways:

  • Better sales and revenue by appropriately understanding customer purchasing patterns and monetizing their demand into transaction
  • Increasing the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns by aptly facilitating communication across the entire value chain network
  • Enhancing their product development by working in line with the customer feedback
  • Driving multi channel commerce
  • Strengthening user engagement by effectively communicating with the customers through multiple communication and digital media platforms

Moreover the progressive effect of this technology can be fused into the supply chain network to make it more resilient, responsive, and adaptive. The code can have a positive impact on supply chain planning & execution to understand customer needs and preferences while facilitating better collaboration among the channel partners. In addition, at the enterprise level, cloud analytics is changing an organization’s enterprise architecture by offering better transparency, visibility, flexibility, as well as Total Cost of Ownership.

Thus, SMAC effect is acting as a game changer in the current business scenario. It complements well with enterprise architecture and enables stakeholders across the entire supply chain network to deliver a multiplier effect for maximizing each other’s revenues.