In today’s competitive environment, business experts are digging deep to connect the dots and facelift business with modern technologies. In line to serve a wide range of users (customers, partners, vendors, suppliers, etc.), they need to keep critical IT assets and networks functional and accessible round the clock. Higher server availability, scalability, reliability and security requires substantial capital outflow. And, for all businesses to meet these requisite criterions is probably not achievable. The other challenges in maintaining a data center are as follows:

  -  Robust hardware equipment, servers and other components are mandatory for smooth business functioning

  -  Round the clock physical security, firewalls, voltage regulators, environmental controllers, and fire suppression systems are required

  -  Additionally, N+1 redundancy needs to be maintained to avert every single point of failure

  -  Dedicated technical staff is required 24*7 to gauge server performance

  -  Round the clock hardware and software monitoring is required

  -  Robust networking components (switches, router, cables), and ready to deploy servers, etc. are required.

Here, colocation plays a critical role, letting businesses to curtail upfront outlay on architecting, upgrading, expanding, monitoring and maintaining a datacenter.

Colocation is an appropriate solution for users, giving complete control associated with owning and managing clubbed with the cost-effectiveness and exposure to outclass infrastructure of a well-managed data center. One of the major benefits of colocation over in-house hosting is that it uses short-term renewable contracts, allowing clients to roll back to on-premise hosting at any point of time.

Best-in-class colocation facilities provide highly redundant, breakthrough infrastructure, designed to dispel natural disaster and maintain business continuity under extreme conditions. There is a multitude of colocation service providers available today. Therefore it is recommended to choose only a fast, reliable and secured colocation server hosting vendor for your business-critical applications.

In a nutshell, colocation facility saves business expenses and improve server performance at a fraction of on-premise data center cost.