To survive your business in this competitive Internet world - consistent and strategic planning, including latest technologies are needed to be at place. From expenditures on hardware equipment, servers, power to cooling systems, the cost associated with IT infrastructure is significantly high. It is not viable for every business to spend thousands on infrastructure, networking, security, and virtualization. Here, colocation services enter as a blessing for SMEs, which ensures maximum uptime, reliability, and security. Colocation provide companies state-of-the-art infrastructure at moderate budget. The servers are placed in a colocation facility and premium bandwidth is provided for business critical applications.

Now let me quickly take you through the benefits of choosing colocation facility:

-Premium Bandwidth: A colocation service provider offers high bandwidth and redundancy for business applications at lower cost.

-Scalability: Colocation facilities are equipped with all the necessities, critical for business continuity. The facility is designed in a way that it can grow with the growing business demands. With colocation, you can scale up/down without encountering service interruption.

-Security: A colocation facility is well-versed with security measures. Both asset and data security are on their prime radar. Thus, you don't have to worry about any data disaster.

-Cost-savings: Cost related to data center maintenance, power consumption, IT resources, and network downtime gets out of the list. You just need to focus on your core competencies and rest will be managed by the service provider.

There are myriad of colocation providers available today. The increasing demands have raised a competitive spirit among the service providers to add new customers keeping the costs low. The colocation service providers should be cautious while designing the facility in way to keep pace with growing business demands for availability, security and uptime.