In today's fast paced digital environment, distributed workforces are tremendously reliant on access to critical data and applications. In this light, the emergence of colocation in data centers offers an opportunity to the SMEs to elastically scale, and, at the same time, it eliminates the added cost of building and operating their own data centers, which manifestly lowers down the total cost of ownership. For businesses looking for stable environment and do not want to invest on architecting expensive data centers, colocation with stringent security and dedicated staff, becomes the appropriate and affordable choice.

Colocation: A Secure and Scalable Business Solution

Colocation facilities are employed with experts who are abreast with the latest technology, infrastructure and working mechanism of colocation services. These facilities are exceptionally engineered to meet the environmental needs of the equipment deployed in the facility.

High Security Levels:

Business data and assets are secured against physical and e-threats with 24*7 monitoring, dedicated security staff, intelligent routing, network monitoring and reporting tools, access systems, including biometric access, authentication systems, and CCTV surveillance.

Cost-Effective Solution:

Growing businesses require more bandwidth and speed to respond to changing market demands. To keep the pace with changing market needs, highly redundant bandwidth installations are required, which apparently involves heavy capital flow. Availing services from a colocation facility allows businesses to access bandwidth at relatively lower prices, including EPL, VPLS, and MPLS through fiber.

Risk Mitigation Solution:

Colocation facilities eliminate almost all the perils from the company by housing their mission-critical IT assets in a secured, professionally handled infrastructure. Even in the case of power outages, fires, floods, and earthquakes, colocation facilities remain unaffected because of their built-in resiliency.

In a nutshell, colocation delivers premium bandwidth, fast connections, and power to support critical businesses applications at significantly low prices.