Literally, colocation is a panacea to both hosting servers and IT infrastructure on the business premises and to renting dedicated or managed servers. It allows businesses to avail the advantages of owning and managing IT infrastructure with the support of a professionally managed data center. When talking about professional data center, the sheer size of this facility is often large enough to accommodate well beyond 50,000 servers.

The size of data center is measured based on the number of ISPs deployed, which can afford a high-grade infrastructure that is too big for businesses of any size to use. At the same time, economics of scale brings down the prices of commodities such as bandwidth and electricity and use of space in a very prudent manner further reduces the cost per hosted server, slashing hosting price to a great extent.

There is a revelation that businesses are often associated with a gamut of audiences, from employees in a single facility or multiple locations to manufacturing professionals, clients, associates and suppliers or distributors across the globe. As a result, they always want to keep their mission critical IT infrastructure and networks up and running as well as accessible at all times. However, availability of reliable and effective server with blazing speed requires extensive as well as expensive infrastructure.

With colocation, the ISP is capable of catering overall IT infrastructure needs, including physical space for servers, power, network management, internet connectivity, security and hardware monitoring. The organization shoulders the responsibility of owning and managing both server and system hardware and software, though surplus technical and support services are usually available from the ISP. Reputable web hosting service providers always offer colocation solution that is redundant and integrated with the latest infrastructure. All in all, server colocation helps users to keep their servers running and accessible at all times, thereby improving their experience on web hosting solutions.