India has emerged as a hub to facilitate data center colocation services. Records reveal that there are a large number of colocation service providers in the market today and almost every leading corporate entity is opting for their services.

Server colocation primarily denotes colocating your server hardware at a Data Center and pay only for the rental charges.

Opting for a colocation service provider is a cost efficient way to house a company's powerful infrastructure without losing the administrative control of the equipment.

According to the reports- India became home to South Asia's first Tier IV data center in July 2012 and today it is the home to the world's third-largest data center, located in Bengaluru.

All this shows, that India is bound to witness a strong upsurge in colocation services owing to a strong demand from both national and international markets.

Now let's have a look at some of the features and benefits of colocation services in India:

-Better outage protection: Colocation facilities have better outage protection, as their clients are paying them for power generators and backup power to protect against any power cut situation.

-Clients own the server software: One of the advantages of colocation servers is that you are in full charge of your web site and all hardware. You don't have to rely on your hosting provider to install the software or tools; you can do it as per your wish.

-Better connectivity: Colocation data centers have fully redundant network connections ensuring that customers business critical applications always run uninterrupted

-Money-saving option: Colocated web hosting is a money saving option for any organization. The cost of colocation servers depend on the size of acquired space.

-Scalability and opportunity for Growth: It provides you good bandwidth. Colocated web hosts provide good quality of power and connectivity services. They allow you to make additions or deletions to the bandwidth with much less turnaround time - at times, within just a few hours. A colocation facility also ensures more growth for you in future.

-Security and Data Protection: Indian colocation sites offer a variety of security services to ensure that the safety of your data is not compromised. They ensure that your resources are protected in all possible ways at a colocation facility.

Data centers in India for long have been offering quality services with massive power voltage. The colocation service providers here ensure that the users must be able to share the power consumed with other service users, which makes the services more cost efficient.

They also ensure that every power device offered for the service should be of high quality, thereby ensuring to make India a hub for colocation services.