Colocation services have gained momentum with the rampant increase in the count of businesses each day. For small and medium scaled businesses, colocation facility seems to be a blessing, and why not? The colocation services have opened doorways for the capital-deficient entrepreneurs to keep abreast with latest technology and get exposure to a staggering data center facility. The inclination towards colocation is expected to rise more in the near future as businesses will be more focused on strategic development rather than investing their efforts and precious time on server maintenance and management activities.

To be candid, Colocation facility is just not a commodity for business critical IT assets; actually, it's a 'sky driver' that facilitates enterprises to compete and prevail. Remember, no two colocation service providers are akin. Just slight differences between service providers can have a prominent impact on the comprehensive performance of the business operations. Right from applications fostering your key business functions, customer satisfaction, network uptime for critical applications, and the colocation service provider will have an impact on overall efficacy of the ongoing business processes; therefore, thorough mulling is prescribed.

Ranging from physical locale to network integration, latency rate, uptime, there are few other important elements to be considered when placing your hardware assets with a colocation company.

-Proximity to Colocation Service Provider: The closer a data center is to your business facility, the higher the advantages are. Not only, it provides easy access for your IT staff, but also boosts the efficiency of your IT infrastructure. The proximity to business location to the colocation facility reduces the latency delays and data replication issues. Also, a service provider with global footprints will serve you a platform across-the board for your product or services.

-Roomy Colocation Facility: Ensure that the service provider has an expandable capacity in case your business operation demands gets perpendicular. Having an option to expand will reduce efforts, time, and money associated with deploying IT assets to other colocation service facility or a data center.

-R2 Network Connectivity: With R2, we mean robust and redundant network connectivity, which is required for sterling business performance. Colocation is more than stacking or racking your IT assets, provided with network connectivity. But, it demands reliable and redundant network infrastructure, without which performance or security might get compromised.

-Unswerving Power Supply: Seek for a colocation facility that has dual path for power supplies, and offers cent percent uptime for power and redundant power systems. Only those providers who can provide such kind of facility are built in with N+ 1 redundancy.

In the end, would like to say that a thoughtful consideration of your colocation service provider is of paramount importance as this will define and impact your ability to achieve the set goals. Each business has its own set of priorities, and one should bear in mind the strategies that can make your business unique.