Recent upsurge in energy costs and intense crave for setting up greener environment are contributing immensely for the need for energy conservation. No doubt, operating data center in an economizer mode saves substantial amount of energy, however, not all locations are exposed to cold weather conditions.

In climates that embrace winter almost throughout the year, organizations can capable of reducing the costs of operating their data center cooling system in economizer mode. It is reported that nearly 80% of companies’ energy costs gets reduced as they rely on outdoor air during colder months of the year, allowing man-made cooling systems like chillers and compressors to be deactivated or operated at a reduced capacity.        

In some climatic conditions, however, data centers can predominantly operate in economizer mode, allowing the refrigerant-based components to play the role of supporting agents in case of increased capacity. Operating in economizer mode helps to create distinction between cooling systems incorporated to run data center in high load capacity and in extreme hot weather conditions, and the actual data center conditions that are often less demanding.

The reduced load capacity and cool external temperature enables the data center to keep its temperature to normal without utilizing its refrigerant-based components. There is a revelation that cooling devices when operating at maximum speeds to stabilize the data center’s temperature require significant power. Economizer modes save substantially energy because of underutilization of chillers, compressors or other cooling components during conditions of lower data center load and chill external temperatures.