Gone are the days when traditional industrial sectors like textile, manufacturing and agriculture had been the major contributors to Indian economy. Information technology (IT) and IT-based services have considered as significant players in augmenting the growth of India's GDP. After IT liberation in the 90s, both IT and ITES sectors have been fueling Indian economy to sustain the growth and bring agility to the business environment. These sectors usually own a support infrastructure to meet and exceed their digital needs. This critical support infrastructure is none other than a data center, which is capable to leverage technology, cultivate innovation, demonstrate agility and above all improve IT efficiency.

Growth Opportunities of Data Center in India

In a survey conducted by CII Godrej GBC, the growth aspects of data centers in India are expected to increase consistently as this critical support infrastructure is linked to IT spending and capacity utilization. However, the growing opportunities of data center are an outcome of increasing domestic needs from sectors such as telecom operators, manufacturing, financial institutions, and services. These sectors are literally a hub of data that needs to be stored securely to eliminate the risks of tampering and theft. Besides, small and midsized enterprises also seem to make investments on data centers in India to optimize storage capacity and streamline IT operation. This clearly indicates that the data center market would witness an incessant rise with storage capacity would expect to grow by 60-70% in the next five years.      

Ample opportunities are existed for both hosting and data center market to grow. Growing market means more opportunities for data center operators to cater ever increasing storage needs of small, medium and large enterprises and provide a platform for a new entity to enter into marketplace. Precisely, the growth of data center in India remains consistent as the rise in demand for storage is unabated.