Third party data center services have endured a strong growth in the recent years. Findings from esteemed research firms claim that the third-party datacenter services market is on the cusp of an extraordinary growth.

At present, businesses are antagonized about the need for expert IT services. This is majorly due to the fact that in-house management has become prohibitive as well as inefficient. Studies have also established that this requirement is a crucial driver for the growth of third-party datacenters. This is true in places where technology is in a state of continual flux and convolutions are always on the rise. It has also been cited that lowering TCO and access to services through an agile IT setup makes firms opt for third-party service providers.

Investment in datacenter services can be considered as an addition to the overall IT budget. This amount is expected to intensify in the coming years. Here is how companies are planning to make the investments:

  • First of all, strategies are to be chalked out. Thereafter, systems and processes will be strategically outsourced on the basis of core competencies of a company.
  • A vendor will be selected on the basis of specific business needs. In case high level of expertise is needed, one might as well consider selecting multiple vendors. Thereby they can also avoid vendor lock-in.
  • SLAs can be negotiated upfront. While it is good to make SLA a part of any evaluation criteria, decent vendor management skills are needed to select the right kind of vendor. Only then an SLA-driven high performance can be achieved.

CIOs across the globe are now focused at ensuring accessibility of information. This is the main reason why an increased investment can be noted in data centers. Hence a substantial percent of the allocated budget is now being spent on the maintenance of datacenters. Thus, organizations are looking for alternatives to bring down the numbers so that further capital can be made available. These resources can thus be diverted towards the innovation and further growth of businesses.