In this fast-paced economic environment, all size organizations are inclined towards outsourcing trends to add dexterity to their business and gain competitive edge. In fact, abundant supply of data center space is compelling onsite data center operators to offer colocation options. Today, the market is flooded with surplus hosting providers and carriers, all competing to woo clients with their offerings. As a result, it becomes difficult for the users to determine which solution is appropriate for their business needs.

Here are a few questions that you must ask your service provider before gearing up for a move:

  -  How the data center is investing in the business

  -  Is the data center facility is government owned or privately backed

  -  What growth route they follow

  -  What level of redundancy they maintain

  -  Does the service provider owns multiple data centers

  -  Do they offer raised floor, private suites, or modular data centers

  -  What level of network uptime they guarantee

  -  What level of technical support they offer to their clients

It is equitably imperative to understand their financials, and how sincere are they to cater to the dynamic business needs with quality, transparency and security. Additionally, other inevitable factors that you should consider when approaching a data center facility are:

  -  Track record of the data center facility

  -  Proximity to your business setup

  -  Topographical location and the potential environmental threats to the data center facility

  -  Security, Accessibility and compliance needs

  -  Is the data center facility is backed by breakthrough environmental controllers (fire detection & suppression tools, Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) to avert catastrophic scenarios

  -  Do they offer disaster recovery and business continuity solutions

  -  Network connectivity and multiple ISP providers

  -  Support and staffing

Contemplating these key pointers will help you to make a wise decision for your business.