Data centers often face persistent demand and capacity challenges. Some organizations built there data center in a central location for maximum access. The main motto of a data center is to build and expand. How these businesses plan to deploy a new data center or even upgrade it? Let’s find out in this blog:

A proper planning is required to set-up a new data center. It is important to avoid some common mistakes when you plan for a data center within an organization.

Developing a data center requires some of the basic plans like watts per square foot, expenses per square foot along with tier level. These are some of the basic criteria which should be followed religiously by all organizations. These criteria should be evaluated and combined with business goals. A poor data center planning may lead you to illogical use of hard earned capital. Else, it may increase your operational cost in the future.

Have a look on Top 9 Mistakes during Setting-up a Data Center: 

  • Unable to estimate total cost of ownership (TCO) into account
  • Failure to estimate overall infrastructure deployment and maintenance cost
  • Inappropriate planning of design approaches & performance characteristics
  • Choosing a site prior to placing design frameworks
  • Give confirmation to server space before placing the design framework
  • Final designing strategy
  • Unable to understand Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)
  • Failure to understand LEED certification
  • Severe complexities in designs

If organizations start avoiding these above mistakes, they can actually escape huge problems related to data center. Businesses can find several consultants from the industry which can guide to choose the right path. These consultants provide with right input and concepts to the organization for fruitful results.