The frequency of the Distributed denial of service attacks has dramatically got increased in the corporate world. Both, the intended and unintended denial service attacks are sternly damaging the businesses operated online. Anticipating business growth without giving due diligence to these attacks can be a mission-critical or impossible chore. In today's cyber environment, preventive measures to counter these attacks are listed below:

-Collate Metrics and other Info: Problems are uninvited. At any point of time, the website may go down, halting your business process. What to do in case the site goes down? How to analyze that is it a DDoS attack, data center failure or a network circuit down. The first and the foremost thing is to identify the root cause by incorporating explicit monitoring and data gathering techniques at the place. The faster the root cause gets diagnosed - the faster you can work for its antidote. The fundamental metrics that will help in determining the cause can be dragged by calculating the inbound & outbound bandwidth used on all peering connections, and network circuits; the web traffic source and destination by IP address and port; and the top URLs being requested, HTTP headers, and by comparing HTTP vs. HTTPS traffic ratios from a single viewpoint. The collected information then will give understanding of the sources and the method of attack.

-Taking right actions: Once you have determined that it is a DDoS attack,the next step that falls in place is to look at the mitigation tools you have in place. If you have DDoS attack prevention tool then it is good enough, but you should be aware 'how to get started with the prevention tool'. Also, prepare the list of customers, clients and partners to inform them about the site outage. This will help in forestalling embarrassing situation, wherein your customers are calling in and saying the site is down. Get quickly connected to the DDoS service provider to start the mitigation process.

-Safeguarding DNS: This is one of the fundamental practices that enterprises need to follow as most of the attacks are targeted on Domain name systems. Protecting your DNS helps in mitigating distributed denial of service attacks.

-Choosing impeccable filtering techniques: Attacks are defined as per their size and complexities. You need to ascertain that you can handle both network level and application level (also, known as layer 7 attacks) attacks efficiently. A newly evolved threat, a combination of aforementioned attacks, is one of the deadly attacks. You should also look for the tools that can mitigate the cause and bring your site back in its running form. Also, at specific time interval, perform proper load testing of your website for optimal performance.

These are few of the strategies that when implemented with right approach will help in mollifying DDoS attacks.