Seldom, businesses find them in a 'mystifying thinking box' plight, while reckoning the kind of hosting option to bring on board, as no one wants to be a scapegoat for the off-target choice.

Website Hosting

Web hosting is a habitat center for those who operate online, furnished with all business-critical components, such as telecommunication networks, servers, capacity, power, cooling, hardware components, and professionals to manage the guest requirements.

Apparently, hosting services are segregated on the basis of how they are getting operated, namely: Managed Hosting and Unmanaged Web Hosting. Here, in this post, we will throw light on the advantages of Managed VPS and Managed Dedicated Hosting services.

Moving forward, let me first take a glide to acquaint you with the captivating Dedicated hosting environment:

Managed Dedicated Hosting

In managed dedicated server hosting platform, a client leases all the dedicated resources for entirely his/her organization to render prerequisite operations. The server is maintained and managed by the web hosting provider, giving full rights to the proprietor to take decisive actions and move the needle, the way they require. Right from server management, troubleshooting, server monitoring, hardware upgradation, software installation, backup services, and control panel setup, the web host offers unswerving network connectivity, bandwidth, and stringent security modules. The client need not dig his head into the intricacies of managing the server or directing the IT resources to get the chores accomplished.

Key features of Managed Dedicated Hosting: A Sneak Peek

-Allows you to customize your dedicated setup with additional add-ons

-Deployment of hardware of your choice to render high performance

-Offers SLA on network availability and support

-Highly secured and performance-oriented platform

-Firewall setup, rDNS set up, MySQL, FTP, SSH root access

-Allows you to boot, reboot, shutdown, manage your server

-Allows you to extend your server with more RAM, processor, or hard drives

-Downgrade your server requirements, when required

-cPanel/WHM offered to manage server

-Experts to gauge and maintain your server

-Access to 24X7X365 technical support

-Provision of robust security to shield your servers from vulnerabilities

-Integration of backup services under managed hosting solutions

As a matter of fact, dedicated servers reinforce business operations by accommodating sudden traffic spikes, and fits for the entire business silhouette, irrespective of their shapes and sizes.

VPS Hosting Services

Now, it's the turn for Managed VPS hosting services:  Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS) works on virtualization technology, whereby one dedicated server is split into several independent servers; all of them acquiring the characteristics of a dedicated sever. Not to get baffled, one straight distinction between the twain hosting services is - PS server hosting works on sharing phenomena, whereas dedicated don't. In managed hosting, the service provider owns the complete responsibility of managing, and monitoring VPS servers.

Key Features of Managed VPS Hosting: A Sneak Peek

-Full root access to the server

-Excellent for websites using Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, or Magento

-Swiftly allows you to upgrade or downgrade as per the requirements

-Allows to boot/reboot or shutdown the sever

-Unswervingly managed and monitored by experts

-Allows managing web traffic with ease

-Access to 24X7X365 technical support

-Backup on demand or within stipulated time frame

-Choice of the OS, control panel and customizable tools to run on the server

-Constant security checks and vulnerability scanners to stop incursion

These are the major advantages of both the hosting platforms. However, don't be tendentious about any of the hosting platforms discussed above as we would recommend you to take a deeper insight of your business requirements, budget, and the core areas (that your business operations deal in) , and only then sign up for Managed VPS or Dedicated hosting services. Are you ready to make a deal? If yes, then don't fly blind, take a plight to measure the pros and cons of both the environments.