Dedicated server hosting is one of the robust web hosting options available today. The way it caters to the specific needs of the businesses can't be matched with the existing hosting solutions. Businesses are leveraging dedicated hosting to drive growth and agility, while keeping control on server functionality, regulation and security.

Over the years, much technological advancement has taken place and is still in progress. Cloud hosting exemplifies the same. Despite cloud is in air owing to its scalability and cost-efficiency, dedicated hosting seems unaffected with this buzzing technology. A host of determinants including performance and security advocates the vitality and gravity of dedicated hosting.

Walk through some of the key attributes of dedicated hosting enumerated below:

Scalability: A majority of dedicated server run with pre-determined hardware specifications and comes with extensive scalability options to cater to the changing business needs. Some of the web hosts allow adding capacity, RAM and bandwidth in just couple of minutes.

DDOS Protection: DDOS attacks are quite prevalent these days, hampering businesses to a great extent. To avert these attacks and to ensure hassle-free environment for business-critical websites, many dedicated server hosting providers integrate automated and manual detection techniques with dedicated hosting solutions.

E-commerce Compatibility: Dedicated hosting is a germane option for e-commerce websites attractive high visitor traffic. A number of hosting vendors provide custom tools including shopping carts (OS commerce shopping cart, Zen cart shopping card, etc.) that can be installed easily. Also, a few recommended web hosts offer SSL certificate to its users to protect online transactions.

Programming Language: Building your website using latest programming is only feasible if the dedicated server is designed to support it. Various service vendors offer custom-made solutions to support your website requirements.

Secure Shell (SSH): SSH allow users to connect to the dedicated server through a Linux command line. It is best for the users who want to access their server remotely, and helps in making the work faster by enabling user to copy, create, and rename the files in no time.

Performance: In dedicated server hosting, the performance graph do not go down when higher database using sites and applications (that are hardware intensive) runs. On the contrary, cloud servers show performance lag because of to I/O.

As the hardware, software, and other resources are completely dedicated to one client and therefore meets the highest compliance standards. Harness the potential of dedicated server hosting for better functionality, convenience and performance.