A dedicated server is the one which allows you to have complete control over all its functions, including all types of configurations, software installations and updates and anything and everything related to the server. Canada, one of the world’s most developed economies, requires dedicated server hosting for many of its web hosting requirements. There are certain typical characteristics of Canada which impact the server locations. A large part of Canada is a cold desert and being at high latitudes makes it cold in winters. Another typical characteristic is that a vast majority of population resides only in north-eastern part of the country. This is also the region which drives the whole economy of the country. Thus, though servers are located all through the country, this region is the prime location for any Canada dedicated server. 

The Need for Dedicated Servers

Canada has embraced web-based platforms to run a number of applications which support all aspects of its economy. From requirements of individuals to those of large corporations, dedicated servers play a pivotal role in providing functional support to intra- and inter- organizational and public works. Whether yours is a high-traffic receiving content website, an ecommerce venture or any other software, the need for a Canada dedicated server cannot be wished away. These would allow you to conduct your work smoothly without worrying about limitations of bandwidth or storage space. 

Questions to Ask

If you are looking for a dedicated server, here are some questions which you must ask.

  1. Where is server located? If the server is located in some cold areas, will there be any functional impact on work during extremities of cold. 
  2. What are the provisions being maintained to ensure that these are capable of running on power back-up for days since there could be times of power break-down, though rare?
  3. What is the configuration of the server? This essentially relates to the processors, memory space, storage, bandwidth and operating system of the Canada dedicated server.
  4. Whether it is a managed service or not? Dedicated servers do require round the clock support and since these run critical processes, there is a need to ensure that these keep on running without a glitch. Who would manage and take care of these servers-you or the server provider? It is always a better idea to let the providers run this service. 
  5. What would be the cost? Canada dedicated server does entail more costs than shared or VPS servers. However, there could be a significant cost differential from one provider to another for dedicated server support. If your preference is for managed server, then it might entail higher costs that the unmanaged server. 
  6. What would be the uptime provided? This is actually a measure of the efficiency and most of the time it shall be more than 99.95 percent. This shall be known if you have to run some critical processes.

Before opting for any Canada dedicated server, it is important to assess your current and future requirements and mention the same to the providers.