With the availability of professional quality business email service hosting providers, Canada companies are now able to effectively establish their business identities.

But why email when emerging new media is in full flow these days? 

The answer is obvious.

Growth of social media notwithstanding, emails is still the preferred platform for business communication.

It is cheap, reaches the recipient in minutes, is convenient as it can be stored until the recipient is ready to read it, and most of all can be stored in an orderly manner for records. 

Companies these days transmit thousands of emails to communicate crucial information and perform critical functions. 

Yes, free email services like Gmail and Yahoo can perform too, but for companies that want to promote a strong brand name a business email account is essential.

Here are a few compelling benefits that can be derived by business email hosting

Targeted marketing

Email marketing is a very effective way to target customers. Customers who receive targeted mails based on their preferences are generally more receptive. This kind of marketing can be better performed through a business email hosting service than a free service. 

Adequate storage

In any business environment the extent of communication can be huge necessitating large storage space. 

Unlike services like Gmail and Yahoo, email hosting vendors provide ample storage space that is more than adequate to store thousands of critical messages.  

Address book

The value of address book in business can never be underestimated. An address book allows easy access to business associates by securing their email addresses and other contact information on computer. 

“It is not a simple address book as we perceive it”, explains and entrepreneur. “It is more of a personal information manager, containing, in addition to an address book, calendar, task list and several other important features”.

From business email service hosting providers, Canada businesses take advantage of a software application that makes use of tools to manage contacts, appointments and a potpourri of tasks. 

Spam filtering

One of the most beneficial part of email hosting services is they perform very effective spam and virus filtering. 

A survey has revealed that more than 90% of all email traffic is spam. This is not desirable by any standards. 

An enterprise cannot afford to expose their systems to malware and phishing attacks. 

A top order business email service continually updates their spam filtering system and delivers results to clients with zero false positives. 

Smooth and trouble free communication is the cornerstone of a successful enterprise. 

To realize this objective, email hosting vendors have come up with lively business email solutions. 

  • The solutions are tailor made as per clients’ requirements. 
  • Instructions, memos and messages are delivered in quick time

It is no wonder; clients are able to do much more than just messaging. With robust tools at hand, employees are able to boost efficiency and productivity exponentially.

And to top it all, with the help of business email service hosting providers, Canada entrepreneurs have been able to increase their ROI at minimal cost. 

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