An ideal email address should be short and easy to remember. Email account is an identity for an individual or an organization. So, you should not be in hurry when you are purchasing an email hosting plan. You think twice and choose the right hosting provider for required hosting solution. It is important that you should convey your web hosting provider about specific requirements.

Do you know that why should you not avail a free email service? 

A free email address is unnecessarily long and confusing. Most of the times you may face the unavailability of your preferred email address. Free emails include impersonal domains, for examples popular web mail accounts. With an email web hosting account, businesses can create the right impression and a specific email domain can be set up an identity for the organization. Lastly, it is important to have an email address that is unique and memorable. 

With domain email hosting accounts, individuals and businesses get complete control over the online persona. Organizations which are using their own domain name make it easy for others to send and receive mails and also to remember your address. A business email establishes credibility by showing your online existence. 

Have a look on some benefits of using your own domain name for email:

•    Reinforcement of your online identity
•    Segregate your business in the crowd of competitors (and spammers)
•    Email hosting lets your customers to know you and your business  

If you are looking for email hosting plans then you should contact one trusted and reliable web hosting provider to know about their array of hosting plans. 
Lastly, don’t forget that a domain name is your online brand. People look for websites when they receive an email from your end. So, once your website appears, it authenticates your organization and your products or services. These days, authentication is important because of the huge amount of spam we receive from free email service providers. So, email hosting solutions are compulsory for the businesses.