Professional and hassle-free email hosting renders premium email at bargain-basement prices. Such hosting services divaricate from commonplace end-user email providers. So they are far superior from webmail sites. These service providers generally cater to every need of clamorous email users; it also caters to small/ midsize (SME) businesses.

The scenario within large enterprises

Sizable enterprises, especially the ones largely in cyclical industries, run the private cloud hosting service for emails on company-owned equipment. Such businesses stand to benefit from a drop in email usage costs. To ensure the same, they make use of popular software such as Microsoft Exchange or Postfix.

What happens in an SME

Like prevalent vendors, other hosting providers that cater to the needs of SMEs also manage the user's domain name. This kind of management includes email authentication schemes through the usage of specific domain names. These are industry-standard control panels that are reliable, fast and easy to use.

Some more such incredible features of secured email hosting services are as follows:

  -  They have a 24x7 toll-free on-call or online support team that can be reached 365 days a year.

  -  The service renders 99.9% uptime.

  -  It is backed by aided by a money-back guarantee in most cases.

  -  They are hosted upon world-class and robust data centers that have a globally recognized infrastructure.

  -  Such services are flexible and can be tailored to suit definitive business obligations.

  -  These are powerful and reliable services hosted upon dedicated servers. These have been built explicitly for handling and loading massive volumes of email.The built-in redundancy feature further ensures that all the data is safely and cautiously stored.

  -  Crackerjack management of all incessant features involves an intelligent spam filtering process. Other alluring facets include retrieval and unification of external email, made-to-order sorting and forwarding of messages only when a predefined standard is met.

  -  Last but not the least, there is the provision of a robust privacy protection. These vendors ensure that confidentiality is protected while using these. Through the enforcement of strict privacy regulations, usage of services is governed. Such guidelines are enlisted in a well-defined 'Terms and Conditions' column.

Besides the above, these email servers render robust spam and virus protection. By making use of the latest virus and spam filters, all user accounts are kept free from malignant or uncalled-for emails. Such intelligent spam filters block a spammer way before he/she can make it into the user's inbox. Thus, any business can avail lightning fast and secure email hosting today at competitive prices!