As an owner of an ecommerce portal, your first job is to activate your personalized email account. However, to open the personalized email account you need to subscribe an email hosting plan from a web hosting provider to tap the untapped benefits of this hosting solution. Most of the email hosting solutions are featured with virus and spam protection, document sharing, webmail and web storage that can enable businesses to meet online communication needs. For those who don't know, this hosting solution opens the door for you to have an email address identical to the domain name of your ecommerce portal. This clearly indicates that your business gets instant credibility.

There is no denying the fact that hosting servers hardly make compromises on security and integrity and as a result, initiating two-way communication through emails helps your business to get quick recognition. Some of the advantages of email hosting include:

Mailing Address Resembling Your Domain Name: Sending and receiving emails using your domain helps you to give greater recognition to your business because of the involvement of customers in large numbers.

Virus and Spam Protection: Using the Internet is not at all safe because of the presence of hackers secretly monitoring your activities. It is your email hosting provider that ensures to guarantee you secure service that is protected from virus attack as well as spam mails.

Guaranteed Uptime: It is quite annoying to you if you fail to sign in your email account due to failure in the network connectivity. The renowned email hosting company guarantees uptime network every time you check your email, ensuring that you don't miss out on any important communication from customers as well as business partners.

Increased Efficiency: Since you never miss out on any communication, the efficiency of your business can be improved significantly. You can able to exchange communication with your customers, suppliers and employees of your company without interruption if you subscribe this hosting plan.

Email Filtering: Realizing that majority of your emails that you receive are spam. Nothing is more annoying than receiving emails in spam; however, a mere subscription of an email hosting plan filters all your incoming mails before they enter your inbox. In fact, email filtering saves you time and energy, with majority of your emails are related to your business.

So, unleash the power of email hosting and give competitive edge to your business.