Emails are considered as one the most effective medium of communication for businesses. As per the reports and research made, maximum number of companies choose emails to communicate with their partners, clients, and employees. There are a number of benefits of employing dedicated email hosting services and that is the reason why more and more organizations are getting inclined towards hosting email services. If you are looking for an adequate and reliable email service provider, then you need to consider several factors. Opting for a reliable third party email hosting service provider ,will boost your communication platform, and allow businesses to focus on their core activities rather than investing their time and efforts on email server management.

Below are few of the advantages that a business can avail with email hosting services:

-Security: The major benefit that comes with email hosting solutions is that they offer highlevel of security. Your emails are completely secured from all the kinds of vulnerabilities, such as virus attacks, spyware, malware, Trojan, and spamming attacks. Email hosting service providers offer this service with IMAP and POP tools, which ascertains that no data gets lost. Additionally, data accessibility is limited, and only authorized users will have the access to the same. Both, IMAP and POP tools encrypt the important emails ,so that no one can access them.

-Boosts Productivity: Email hosting services save your precious time spent on managing and reading unwanted emails that land in your inbox. The email solution opted for ,by a hosting company will streamline your business processes by directing only useful mails to your mailbox folders. When using dedicated email hosting solutions, you don't have to get bothered about spamming or phishing issues. Most of the service providers offer email services with Antivirus and Anti-spam filters. Significantly, these filters prohibit unauthorized access into your system.

-Add and Share Contacts: Email hosting services offer one of my favorite feature, i.e. address book sharing, which allows the users to add contacts in the address book. It also enables the users to share contact details with other users within the address book.

-Storage Space: Most of the mail-hosting providers , provide storage space to their customers, which allows them to save their emails, depending on their specific requirements.

These are few of the advantages of email hosting services. Every organizationthat is considering email hosting services, needs to be cautious while selecting an email-hosting provider.