'VPS' is also popularly known as virtual private server and has become one of the prominent choices for medium and small scale businesses. Here in this blog we are discussing about the amazing services and features of a virtual private server. The immense popularity of a VPS hosting is because of its amazing features which have resemblance with a dedicated web hosting server. Like we all know that a dedicated web hosting server offers maximum independence and freedom for the control panel and the user can avail the server benefits. Basically a VPS is an extended version of both dedicated web hosting and shared web hosting services. The best part of a VPS hosting is the affordability and the utmost security.

A virtual hosting provider provides a server that is segregated into different layers. This happened with the help of virtualization technology. It is a fact that different organizations focus on different virtualization technology. These can be Hyper V, Kernel-based Virtual Machine, OpenVZ, vSphere, and more.

If we talk about a dedicated server, dedicated servers are also divided into two main ways; these are Linux Dedicated Server and Windows Dedicated Server. Basically a dedicated server can be different on the usage of operating sites. Thus, VPS hosting is also following the same way.

Lastly let’s focus on how a VPS hosting features which are the main traits and also the main reasons for gaining popularity. Have a look on some of the most important features which users can avail:

  -  Complete ownership

  -  Separate Platform

  -  Full Maintenance

  -  Technical Support

So, readers may have understood the main reasons of switching into a VPS hosting that comes with affordable rates.