When planning to start an online-business, we come across umpteen number of web hosting solutions, with each having its own set of pros and cons. Shared hosting is the least expensive hosting solution, with hundreds of websites sharing a same physical server, whereas, a dedicated server is meant for high traffic websites, and is the most expensive web hosting solution.

VPS, which stands for Virtual Private Server lies in between the two hosting solutions shared and dedicated server hosting. Comparatively, VPS is less expensive than a dedicated server; however, it offers an array of features to a growing online business than shared hosting. A VPS client can run his/her coveted operating system, configure applications, and can scale resources as per the requirements.

Who Can Opt for VPS Hosting?

If you are looking forward to add additional services/products, and have security compliance, VPS hosting will be the best option to match your expectations with its expertise. Even for start-up and growing online businesses, VPS account is considered as a bountiful solution.

- High Performance: VPS hosting provides uninterrupted performance, give root access to the client, and stays unaffected from neighboring VPS clients, which is quite a doubtful scenario in the shared hosting account.

- Easy Customization: Functionally, VPS server possesses the characteristics of a dedicated server; therefore it allows configuring custom firewalls, which is not viable in case of Shared hosting account due to security measures. VPS hosting permits you to close the ports, have your own IP address, and allows customizing services, such as web, panels, mail, database, and domain.

- Robust Security:  VPS accounts offer high security for each of the VPS hosted account. Segregation of each hosted account from the other prevents unethical access, and data infringement. On the contrary, in shared hosting, if one of the accounts is hacked, all the other shared hosting accounts face the fire.

- Scalable:  VPS servers are scalable to meet the requisite business chores. You can switch to the desired hosting plan, swiftly upgrade or downgrade your service with negligible downtime.

Moreover, you can run multiple websites on your dedicated private server with no complexities.

At last, would say that VPS hosting is a rewarding option for all walks of the business, giving full functionality of a dedicated server in a cost-effective way.