In the past decades, our country has witnessed an upsurge in professionally managed web hosting services, to which the success of Go4hosting bears testament. The opportunities that business owners can now take advantage of have increased dramatically, since the previously expensive task of managing the business website and all the multifarious systems that go along with it are ably taken care of by cloud hosting outsourcing.

Speaking of outsourcing, the shift from maintaining in house IT teams for non-core business function tasks to relying on hosting experts like Go4hosting for the same has also brought back the relevance of call center services.

When entrepreneurs face hurdles in their hosting plans, or have the good fortune to scale up their services online, they need to contact professionals. Answering their calls are Go4customer agents, trained and highly motivated to address the queries and put a smile on the faces of clients. The call center services industry in India has come a long way from answering questions in foreign accents to give the impression (and sometimes, especially in the early days of call center outsourcing, use white lies) that the service was based in a ‘developed’ nation. Gone are those days, because the immense success of the Indian call center industry provided metropolitan cities to rise out of literally barren land. The IT and ITES sectors established themselves in Gurgaon, Bangalore and Hyderabad with a ferocious speed. This has spread continuously, with dedicated technology parks being built for technical corporations and their high intensity communication and infrastructure needs.

Building on the success this industry has enjoyed, call center services continue to be integral in business people’s plans for pursuing profits. If we are being honest, they were already quite necessary for delivering and maintaining customer satisfaction. Companies from all over the globe trusted Indian IT services to be economical, trustworthy and efficient.

Other south East nations have tagged along for the ride, once their eyes were opened to the enormous boons of educating their workforces along the lines that make them able to deliver excellent call center support. Going forward, there is growing competition for landing contracts from multinational companies looking for empathetic agents to serve their customers.

Knowing how to deal with irate, frustrated, angry and even abusive customers is part of the job, and that is why Go4customer call center services are staffed by patient and understanding people who know what the job entails. Sometimes, logic goes out of the window with customers, whether due to truly being dissatisfied with the company’s services or some misunderstanding. They understand why people call them – help.

Go4hosting has a synergy with Go4customer call center services due to it being our sister concern, and there is a lot of back and forth between both firms regarding the improvement of services so that our customers are happy with their quality. We extend call center services to a broad variety of clients, viewable at Feel free to give us a call, anytime!