E-commerce industry is one of the prevailing industries in the world. This hyped and the most flourishing business niche is leveraging both the entrepreneurs and consumers by its immense characteristics. Thanks to global e-commerce industry and cloud computing technology that has provided convenience to buy/sell product and services in a click of button. Social media is consistently empowering the online market, with its objective to boost electronic business.

As per the market research reports, statistics and analysis, the business to customer (B2C) e-commerce industry generated approximately $400 billion and & $ 600 billion in year 2010 (according to yStats.com), and is expected to generate $700 billion and $950 billion in year 2015. According to the consulting firm McKinsey & Co,there are approximately 200 million Internet users in India and the number could touch to 500 million by 2015. As per the DNA, an English broadsheet daily, an e-commerce business in India is expected to reach around $50-$70 billion by 2020 on the back of a fast growing Internet-connected population and improvement in related infrastructure like payment and delivery systems.

4 Reasons Why People are fond of Online Shopping

-Different sets at one platform: All the necessary things are converged at a single platform, which gives consumer an easy reach and access to the required product/services, and that too in an effortless way. Straight from the baby toys, apparels, handkerchiefs, beauty products, books, and electronics, you can order anything of your choice just by sitting in your couch

-Visible Inventories: An online platform which gives lots of products/services to shop for, also updates the user, whether the selected thing is in stock or out of stock. On the contrary, if you visit a physical store for the desired product, and the product is running out of stock, you will have to return home with empty hands. As a matter of fact, shopping online cuts off extra expenses on travel and saves your precious time by making you pre-aware

-Helps to Choose Best Fit: There are growing number of e-commerce websites that help users to compare the product/service, its features, and affordability in a way to order a best fit for them. It also enables them to have access to different opinions and feedbacks for the same that they are going to invest in

-Affordable and Expeditious Platform: Shopping online is one of the easiest ways. The rich interface allows user of all the classes to place an order with utmost ease. One by sitting at home, office, or anywhere from the world can place an order in a few clicks without incorporating too many efforts to do so. It is affordable because you will have different options available before you, and they don't even levy extra cost as they come directly from the manufacturers. Also, online shopping has become a status symbol for many. People who are ordering product/ services think that it represents their status. Whatever be the reason ,this market will flourish as always.

Note: It is recommended to choose an online shopping platform that is SSL secured. An SSL secured website will kick-off the fraudulent practices made by the hackers to fetch the transaction details.

In the fewer words: The e-commerce industry is one of the biggest markets that has covered the Indian business by storm. The booming B2C sector is giving a boost to an entirely new economy, which has power and efficiency, and is manifestly revolutionizing the way businesses are done.