Internet has become a proven platform for online businesses to vie and gain rim over the hovering counterparts. Along with Internet, social networking and smart phones are among the top technologies, witnessing high development and a prominent increase in terms of adoption by users globally. To connect to the world Internet users, i.e. around 2.5 billion, close to 35 percent of the world's population in order to promote product and services, web hosting services seems to be a virtuous alleyway. Over the time, there are a host of web hosting kinds emerged, which includes shared, dedicated, VPS and cloud hosting. Among all, VPS hosting is considered as a cost-effective, efficient and reliable VPS hosting solution right from small businesses to medium enterprises, solution providers and web professionals.

Significance of VPS Hosting for SMEs

Prior to the emergence of virtualization and cloud computing, SMEs had to invest their hard earned capital to buy expensive servers to manage their business operations. Maintaining and managing in-house servers also involved the need for IT professionals, and security provisions for uninterrupted business processing. Also, the utilization of the owned servers were not full-fledged, which is a painful experience for the businesses as they are required to pay for the capacity; which they were not making use of. Here, VPS hosting has evolved as a money-saving and performance-driven option for the businesses of all kinds.

Let's dig a little deeper to know how VPS hosting can drive business growth:

Server Control remains with you: Unlike, shared hosting, VPS gives you complete hold to deal with your server. This positive attribute of VPS allow each of the hosted client to independently perform respective tasks and take actions without affecting the neighboring sites.

High Portability: Virtual private servers are managed as server images by the VPS hosting provider, which enables users to swiftly upgrade or downgrade the server when required, that too without facing any downtime. To do so, the web host moves the server image to a new server.

Enhanced Performance: VPS hosting keeps your data and mission-critical applications free from hassles and vulnerabilities, caused by other clients, hosted on the same physical server. Whether it is CPU usage, memory, storage or bandwidth usage, performance will not be affected by the other clients as the provider will allocate resources, completely dedicated to your needs.

On the top of it, VPS allows your data and information to remain hosted behind a secured partition, and you can start as small as your business can bear and grow as your business expands.