Luxuries, needs, wishes, and almost everything has come to a centralized platform  "the Internet", where you can shop for almost anything at a click of a button.  The potential of "Internet" to bring world at one place has given birth to the "online business model". Businesses today are going online due to various prevalent factors, such as, provision of global platform to serve your users, easy reach, and cost effectiveness when compared to other mediums.

Businesses can go online by just hosting their websites on the server. However, there are few pointers that need to be taken care of, in order to secure your website along with the users from fraudulent activities that might occur during credit card transactions, data transfer and login etc.

Recently, a retail giant was hit by a mega data breach that compromised details of nearly 110 million customers because of bugged point-of-sales (PoS) system. You could be the NEXT. To be on a safe side and to make your online presence authentic, SSL certificate is a felicitous option.

SSL, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer, is a protocol for managing the security of the website. SSL establishes an encrypted link between a server and a client by binding a cryptographic key to an organization's information. Once, an SSL is installed on a web server, padlock and https protocol gets activated, thereby establishing a secure session with the browser. Browsers will provide an indication to your visitors, that a website is SSL secure via various trust indicators (padlock sign, https).

Go4Hosting offers a Global Sign SSL certificate that assists to build higher trust and enhanced credibility for your online business.