You never know when unpredictable catastrophe can roil up your ongoing operations. It's true one can't shield business-critical websites against all outages. However, a robust strategic planning, astute analysis, careful adoption of gilt-edge technology and hosting providers, can help SMEs to a great extent to protect against unpredictable downtime and restore halted services expeditiously.

Redundant data centers clubbed with multiple ISP's, backup web servers and power backup solutions are critical for keeping revenue generating websites up and running. Do you know how a downtime can impact your overall business performance? A single minute of downtime not only impact your sales, however it will have 'total effect' on your business integrity and image.

Here, are a few precautionary steps that will help protecting your website against disasters:

Backups: Regular data backup of all the systems connected to your website is essential. The data that resides on the hosting provider's end should also be backed up on a regular basis.

Hosting Provider: A number of web hosting plans and providers are available in the market today. Choose them wisely. Ensure your requirements first and then only jump to a decision. Don't waste your time and money on a bogus web host as this is the question of your own business.

Monitoring: Don't leave everything on to your web hosting provider. Monitor your websites; maintain a log of all the changes made to your website as this all will help you in the event of disaster.

Don't Panic: If your website goes down, don't get panic. First, call your web hosting company to know about the same. Thereafter, notify your customers about the same and inform them when you are expecting to get back the site online.

Plus, you can also avail website monitoring service so that you stay informed when your site is up and when down.