Web hosting has revolutionized the digital world by taking businesses forth to interact, share and promote their product/services globally. Many corporate behemoths are benefitting from cost-effective, scalable and world-class hosting services. It has made much easier for the entrepreneurs to obtain the domain names and web pages with just a click of mouse. The rampant and speedy growth in number of business set-ups is one of the major factors behind this flourishing industry. However, entry of major players in the hosting industry is making it difficult for small hosting providers to compete whereas leveraging businesses with plethora of choices.

For strong and Internet-centric presence, the industry offers myriad of hosting solutions. These include dedicated server hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, colocation, email hosting, data center services, and cloud hosting solutions.

Pricing: The increased competition in the web hosting market has led to rapid decrease in the price over the period of time. As per the study conducted by The Radicati Group, Inc: The prices of email hosting solutions are expected to drop, which will help hosting providers to evaluate new ways to generate revenues through email hosting services, such as email archiving and compliance, email security, Instant messaging, and many more.

Security: This is one of the factors that have always bothered web hosting companies to provide a secured platform to its users. Web hosting providers are looking to develop and implement breakthrough antidotes to curb security threats.

Environment-friendly hosting: Many of the hosting companies have turned to green hosting solutions powered by solar, hydro or wind energy to slash down carbon footprints.

A recent survey conducted by Gartner reports hybrid cloud as one of the top strategic trends of 2014. Moreover, a survey by Cowen and Company's suggests that 67% of hosting company CEOs expect hybrid cloud to be a meaningful driver of company growth.

Web hosting companies will experience growth and generate revenue by keeping themselves abreast with the latest in technology.